Gaddings Dam, Todmorden. First Swim 1987

Posted: 2019-04-28

OS Grid Ref: SD 94827 22566

Geo URI: geo:53.6980,-2.0792
Latitude: 53° 41' 58" N
Longitude: 2° 4' 47" W

Old postcard: Gaddings Dam, Todmorden. First Swim 1987

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> Gaddings Dam is an 1833 earth embankment dam located on top of the moors between Todmorden and Walsden. Constructed to supply water to the mills of Lumbutts, the reservoir fell into disuse when the mills began to use steam power. Slated to be drained in 2001 due to its poor condition, the reservoir was rescued by a determined group of locals who bought the dam, repaired it, and now continue to maintain it to the standards required by the regulations.

Gaddings Dam First Swim 1987 Photo

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