Anamorphic Video

When recording video with an Android device at standard 4:3 with the Moment Anamorphic lens the ouput video file needs stretching horizontally by 1.33, correcting the aspect ratio to transform it to 16:9. If you record with the 'wide crop' camera setting already at 16:9 you lose some pixels but you end up with an Ultra-wide/CinemaScope 21:9 aspect ratio:

Screengrab from anamorphic video

Moment have stopped developing Android software due to massive fragmentation issues across multiple OEMs, especially around the camera API. This application enables Android users to record video with the Moment Anamorphic lens and 'desqueeze' the footage on-device, allowing immediate upload to PeerTube/YouTube/wherever without requiring any desktop post-processing first.

Video Format

Note. The output video might not be viewable on your phone, but it is a valid video and uploads fine to YouTube and other video services.

Download Anamorphic Video

Short test clip on YouTube
Source: app_anamorph_video in the Oppen Monorepo

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