Todmorden Moor

Öppenlab is based in Calderdale, Yorkshire and makes software tools.

Photography/Moment Lenses

Moment manufacture high quality lenses and accesories for phone photography, unfortunately due to the huge variantion of Android devices they had to stop producing Android software. Öppenlab has produced a couple of Android apps that support Moment's Anamorphic lens:

Anamorphic Photo
Anamorphic Video


We have two eBook projects:

• Öppenbok is a quality .ePub reader for Android that offers a similar reading experience to Google Books but without any analytics, tracking, or surveillance capitalism worries, it's currently in alpha:


• Gempub is a eBook file format and specification created by Öppenlab and some hard-working community contributers:


Gemini Protocol

The Gemini Protocol is a new and simple internet protocol with a thriving community of users, Öppenlab created Ariane which has become the primary Gemini browser on Android, and has since benefited from a huge amount of community contributions:



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