Öppenlab is based in Calderdale, Yorkshire and makes software tools.

Gemini Protocol

The Gemini Protocol is a relatively new and simple internet protocol with a thriving community of users, Öppenlab created Ariane, a Gemini browser for Android based OS:


Photography/Moment Lenses

Moment manufacture high quality lenses and accessories for phone photography. Unfortunately, due to the huge fragmentation in Android devices (and maybe a little Apple bias) they stopped developing Android software. Öppenlab has produced a couple of apps that support Moment's Anamorphic lens so Android users are still supported:

Anamorphic Photo
Anamorphic Video


We have two eBook projects, both will hopefully get more attention in the near future:

• Öppenbok is a quality .ePub reader for Android that offers a similar reading experience to Google Books but without any analytics, tracking, or surveillance capitalism worries, it's currently in alpha:


• Gempub is a eBook file format and specification created by Öppenlab and some hard-working community contributers:



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Email: oppen (@/AT) fastmail.com

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