All these projects are migrating to the Oppen Monorepo, you may encounter some broken links for project source code in the pages below.

The Monorepo: a single git repository on Codeberg for the majority of OLAB Android projects:

Oppen Monorepo

Anamorphic Photo 'desqueezes' images taken with the Moment anamorphic phone lens.

Anamorphic Video 'desqueezes' video taken with the Moment anamorphic phone lens.

Signature helps users verify the integrity of .apk files before installing on their devices.

OppenBok is a Google Play Books replacement free of any analytics/tracking.

Noise is a white noise generator and visual toy.

Smolicon is a simple 16x16 pixel image editor


OppenNative : Generative experiments using Kotlin Native

Skiss : an extremely basic 2D animation system for Android


Ariane is a full-featured Gemini client for Android

Phaedra is a lightweight Gemini client for Android written in Java

Phaedra Nano is an even smaller version of Phaedra

OppenServer : the server that runs this site, on both the web and Gemini

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