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A lightweight Gemini Protocol client for Android. This version includes the Conscrypt library which enables support for older devices that lack native TLS 1.2 support.

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If you have a newer Android device you should download Ariane instead:

Ariane Gemini Client

If you want a tiny version of Phaedra without Conscrypt choose Phaedra Nano:

Phaedra Nano


This started as an experiment but it's a reasonably usable app and there have been a few requests for Ariane to support older Android OS versions. Hopefully Phaedra fills that gap.


Although Phaedra should run on any Android device Gemini requires TLS, very old devices will have outdated TLS versions and crypto suites which will likely be refused by most servers. There's nothing that can be done about this other than reworking the Gemini Protocol to allow unsafe requests - possibly with a new response code.

By adding the Conscrypt library from Google I've managed to get modern TLS support on devices as low as API 9 (Gingerbread), but that still leaves a lot of the first wave of Android devcies out in the cold:

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